Blyde River

Blyderivier program

If you love animals and nature this tour is for you! Come and visit with us at the foot of the Blyde Canyon with more than 400 animal species and also get to know a herd of elephants! You don't get better than this!

Day 1
05:00 Departure from Pretoria
11:30 Picnic at the foot of the Blyde River
13:30 Visit the best Mango stall
15:00 Arrive at lodge and unpack
19:00 Dinner

Day 2
06:30 Coffee and biscuits
07:00 Forest walk
08:15 Breakfast
09:30 Visit Moholoholo Rehab Center
12:30 Lunch at Forrest Camp
19:00 Dinner

Day 3
05:15 Departure to Herd, Kapama Reserve
06:30 Elephant interaction
08:30 Departure back to Pretoria
15:30 Arrival in Pretoria

Do you want to come and shine in the Blyde River Canyon with Toerbroers and also get to know endangered species that are being rehabilitated more closely! We provide transport from Pretoria, all breakfasts and dinners, 2 nights accommodation, visits to different species and a champagne breakfast after you get to know a group of rehabilitated elephants.

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